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Organizations and Registrations




7211 Haven Ave Suite E299, Alta Loma,CA91701 USA

Tel:(01)90 9717 8685 

Contact:Wendy Click,wenusclick@gmail.com


Hong Kong香港:

Room 1906, 19/F., China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


Fax: (852) 2110 3490

Contact: drperryip@gmail.com


Canada 加拿大:

4-1460 Limberlost Road, London, Ontario,Canada.N6G 2C6

Tel: (012) 26 678 3355 

Contact:Betty Gu


指導機構 Co-organizers:


博士碩士總會 (The Association of Doctoral and Master Degree Holders, TADOMAS)

博士後研究會 (Association for Postdoctoral Research)



Ⅰ. 中外要聞通訊社簡況




Brief Introduction to China and World Highlights press




China and World highlights Press (hereinafter called, “CNW”) is co-organized by the Association of Doctoral and Master Degree Holders with its headquarters in Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Research Association registered in Macao, and other media organizations located in North America. The CNW magazines are distributed in America, Asia and other regions. CNW with a strong sense of social responsibility and CNW shares information, fosters a communication platform for economic and cultural exchanges and promotes the world peace and progress.


Since its establishment, CNW’s reporters have traveled around the world to give press interviews. These interviews include but are not limited to the interview for officers of embassies of all countries, government departments at all levels and various politicians. Also we have interviewed the social celebrities of all sectors of the society, including business sector, cultural sector, and art sectors. After years of hardworking, we are glad to have the recognition from peers.    



《中外要聞》雜誌報章及雜誌註冊號:(4) in OFCA/F/NR 62/12。


 China and World Highlights is a public-issued magazine that approved by the government of HKSAR. The registration number of local newspapers and magazines is 4) in OFCA/F/NR 62/12。



Some covers of magazine of The Chinese and World Highlights 










Ⅱ. 中外要聞通訊社媒體平臺 



Communication Platform for CNW



The official website of China and World Highlights, printing magazines of China and World Highlights, electronic edition and mobile phone version of China and World Highlights and so on.



The official website of China and World Highlights: http://www.cnw-highlights.org




Ⅲ. 中外要聞通訊社相關人士



The Managements of the China and World Highlights Press


1. 社長:葉仁傑博士 


Dr. Perry Ip, President




葉仁傑博士,中外要聞通訊社的創社和社長。 出身於跨國企業高層,早年活躍於金融市場,近年以培養人才為己任,從事教育與學術,發表過超過百篇文章。葉博士關心社會,出任多個社區、專業、學術的義工公職。


Dr. Perry Ip, the founder and now the honorary president of China and World Highlights Press, once worked in senior management of international conglomerates and was active in the financial market. Dr. Ip is now an academic, who has more than a hundred publications. He is enthusiastic about social public welfare and making earnest effort to prompt eco-friendliness.





 Angel Huang, The editor in chief



黃紅英,華文作家、媒體人,現居美國。 她採訪過來自世界各地的100多位名人,致力於搭建國際交流與溝通的橋樑。她从事寫作20多年,其優美的語言和精彩的文字贏得了社會的讚譽。迄今為止,她的作品超過1000篇,包括新聞主題、獨家採訪、詩歌和散文。她的著作包括《心底的颤音》散文集、《道》人物集和《迷茫》小说。


Angel Huang is a famous writer and media worker. She lives in San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.  She has interviewed more than 100 famous people from all over the world and is committed to building a bridge for the international communication and exchange. She has written for more than 20 years,and her graceful and fabulous words gained her the praise from counterparts and the whole society. So far,she has more than 1000 works including news topics,exclusive interview,poems and prose.  Her publications include but are not limited to the Prose Collection of From the Bottom of Heart,Figure Collection of Tao,and Youth Novel at Lose.



3. 常務副社長:張文文博士 


Dr. Wendy Click, the Executive Deputy President



張文文博士,美籍華人,定居洛杉磯。知名華人作家、心靈婚姻輔導專家、媒體人。爲美國好萊塢威爾演藝公司獨家合作夥伴、美國頌揚中美文化交流中心創辦人。美國著名媒體專家Ted Baehr 博士和 世界動畫權威Phil Roman的學生。




Dr. Wendy Click, a Chinese American settled in Los Angeles. She is a famous Chinese writer, soul marriage guidance specialist, and journalist. At present she holds the founding President of Art Society of North America, the exclusive partner of America Hollywood Will Performing Arts Company, the founder of Sino-American Cultural Exchange Center of America, the vice-president of America Holistic Education Group. Dr. Click is a student of Phil Roman, a guru of media and animation.


She is the only Chinese journalist that attended the film award party of “Faith and Value” held by Film Guide of Hollywood. She successfully interviewed and reported many well-known figures with significant influence in the world. She receives respect of America mainstream society and influential Chinese media with his loyal faith, straightforward temper and intelligent way of doing things.


張文文作品有:《從剩女到蜜女》、《美國有佳人》《愛情沙拉》《 祝福母親》《贊美衣代替憂傷之靈》《天山王子的故事》以及審訂編譯全球暢銷書《煉愛》。


Dr. Click’s publications include: the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness, A Beautiful Woman in the USA, From Left Lady to Sweet Lady, Love salad, Bless the mother, the story of Tianshan Prince, and the Dear Love.



4. 常務副社長:谷劍云


Betty Gu, the Executive Deputy President






Betty Gu, a Chinese Canadian, currently serves as a chief of Canada Bureau and chairman of the Red Maple Media of Canada. Betty Gu is a well-known Chinese media person in Ontario, Canada. Since emigrating to Canada from Zhuhai, Guangdong province in 1998, she has been committed to building a bridge of cultural and economic relations between China and Canada, successively establishing the New Century Digital Company, Isabel Media Company, and Red maple Media Group co., LTD., etc., in London, Ontario, Canada. In 2016, after CNW was officially registered in Canada, Betty Gu has since served as executive vice President of the CNW and chief of Canada Bureau which provide media planning and cultural propaganda, brand image transmission and other integrated services to all walks of Canadian society. The Red Maple Media, founded by Betty Gu in 2011, has now developed into a Canadian media platform encompassing Red Maple Newspaper (issue areas including five cities in Greater Toronto area, four cities in Waterloo, City of Mississauga, and City of London, etc.), the China And World Highlights (released in the countries and areas of America and Asia), Red Maple News, Red Maple network television, Weibo, micro nets, WeChat public platform and Red Maple all media platforms of various WeChat group




5. 副社長:朱維鵬


Chester Chu, the Deputy President






朱維鵬熟悉中國證券市場,具有豐富之香港及中國B股買賣之經驗。一九九九年至二零零零年間,朱先生為香證券及期貨市場改革關注小組成員,對香港聯合交易所和期貨交易所的合併和上市,作出巨大的努力和貢獻。朱先生亦為英明金融集團創辦人之一,協辦聯交所上市的公司超過二十餘間,曾為銀行學會講師,幫助香港銀行從業員經營證券業務,應中山大學、青年商會等邀請,講解、分析香港經濟和股市發展,亦曾為香港證券及期貨專業總會的理事、顧問、市場關注行業組組長,澳洲註刪管理會計師會IPO & M&A小組副主席。


Mr Chu is the founder and CEO of Fruit Tree Group and the chairman and fellow member of Hong Kong Association of Financial Advisors Ltd as well as the fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Directors. He is also a certified member of each of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Society of Registered Financial Planners, the Association of Expects for Modernization, the Institute of Management UK, the Hong Kong Management Association and the Association of Doctoral and Master Degree Holders.


Chester has over 30 years of professional experience in the financial sector, within which more than 23 years’ industry experiences in the stockbroking field. He is a member of the Securities & Future Commission Reform Committee representing the securities practitioners to contribute his experience and insight on the securities industry.



6.  副總編: 繆志遠 


Dr. Zhiyuan Miao, Deputy Chief Editor.





Dr. Zhiyuan Miao, Deputy Chief Editor was awarded the master degree in Finance from University of Utah and further his Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. As an executive chairman of Chinese North American Doctoral and Scholars Association, who is living in Silicon Valley, Dr. Miao devotes himself to strengthen the relationships and promote understanding among the culture, technology and business of China and the United States. 



7. 客席編輯: 仇志成博士


Dr. Gryphon Sou, the Guest Editor





仇志成, 教授、博導, 是一名香港退休公務員,累積了超過卅七年在公私型機構及非政府組織和國際組織的工作經驗。仇教授關心社會,熱心公益和學術研究。 


仇志成是一位國際專業工程師及英國特許屋宇工程師,九十年代已獲選為中國機械工程學會海外高級會員。自2004年他獲委為「世界建造官員組織:『聯合國經濟及社會理事會暨聯合國工業發展組織特別諮商身份』」成員。 仇教授持有雙博士學位,分別為澳洲南十字星大學管理學博士及悉尼科技大學教育學博士。他亦持有美國哈佛大學高等教育教學法證書。自2000年他以國際自由學者身份曾服務於七間大學及高等院校。仇教授于2005年獲中華人民共和國教育部科技發展中心評為「優秀學者」。 




Prof Gryphon Sou, Doctoral Supervisor is a government pensioner of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He has over 37 years of work experience in public and private sectors, international governmental organizations and non-government organizations. Other than community services, he has grave concern about the social affairs and global development, and genuine interest in academic studies. Prof Sou is an International Professional Engineer as well as a Chartered Building Engineer of United Kingdom. 


In 1990s, he was elected an Overseas Senior Member of The Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society CMES. Since 2004, he has been a long-standing member of the World Organization of Building Officials (WOBO) in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and in Consultative Status with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Prof Sou earned two Australian doctoral degrees, namely Doctor of Management from Southern Cross University and Doctor of Education from University of Technology Sydney. 


He also earned a Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education Pedagogy by Harvard University. Since 2000, he has been working as an international freelance educationalist and served in seven universities or higher institutions. In 2005, he was elected an Elite Scholar by the Center of Science & Technology, Ministry of Education , People’s Republic of China. In 2013, Prof Sou once worked as a Project Manager in the Asia Pacific Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO AP) of World Customs Organization (WCO). He efficiently managed 18 global and regional projects for the Members of WCO in a year. In 2017, he was awarded a Certificate of Business Sustainability Management by the University of Cambridge. Afterwards, he was invited to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK) as its Associate Vice President. He assisted UNESCO HK in the establishment of a World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners (WISDP). WISDP is an international training organization and a global certification body.



8. 客席編輯: 楊慕貞博士


 Dr. Shirley M C Yeung, the Guest Editor 





近年,楊慕貞在學術期刊發表的文章接近八十篇,均與品質管理,社會責任,課程質素,和市場推廣管理有關。她教授的科目亦由英語傳意,商業寫作,零售業和企業管理,發展至品質管理,供應鏈管理等。楊慕貞的教育理念是把系統性的品管思維滲入富創意性的課程內,使課程和學生均能持續發展,把愛心 / 專心感染他人,令社會充滿諒解 / 和諧。商業社會的持續發展是建基於愛心,專心,同理心和一切與品質管理和創意有關的概念和實踐。


Dr. Shirley Yeung, an Institute of Environment Management and Assessment (IEMA) approved Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner, RABQSA, ISO9000 Principal Auditor, US, IRCA ISO 9000 Auditor, UK, AQIP Assessor, US, HKCAAVQ Subject Specialist and Quality Management System (QMS) lead auditor of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) of Hong Kong. In 2016, Dr Yeung was one of panels of PRME Colloquium on Higher Education workshop of 7th PRME Asia Forum in Hong Kong. Dr Yeung was also invited by Harvard University, HPAIR to deliver a seminar on "Entrepreneurial Spirit and Sustainable Mindset". In 2015, Dr. Yeung awarded “Pioneer Professor Certificate” from UN Flourish Prizes, US for guiding a student in writing a story on Fuji Xerox’s sustainable development achievements; and she was also the convener for the 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education co-organized with UNESCO, APEID and the Chair of the 2nd International Conference on Supply Chain for Sustainability, Hong Kong.


Dr. Yeung also awarded the “Outstanding Employee Award” and obtained “Best Teacher Certificate” from HKQAA and Hang Seng School of Commerce (HSSC) in 2006 and 2007 respectively.


Dr Yeung has published around 80 journal/ conference papers with English and Chinese books available in Hong Kong and overseas.  Her research interests cover Quality Management System (QMS), Sustainable Development (SD) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Management and Marketing. In 2010, Dr Yeung also achieved the Highly Commended Award from the TQM Journal. In 2006, Dr Yeung received Best Paper from CNAB, China and Best Paper from the 11th and International Conference on ISO & TQM (ICIT).





Dr. Eddy Tsang, the Guest Editor






Dr. Eddy Tsang is educated in Hong Kong and has extensive business experience in the engineering service industry and retail business. He is currently teaching part-time with the Hong Kong Management Association in undergraduate and post-graduate courses. His focus is on delivering skills in business research, study design and thesis supervision under the University of Technology Sydney Master’s degree programme in China and Hong Kong. 



 Dr. Tsang is now bringing in his valuable experiences in higher education and enterprise training to more trainers and business leaders. He delivered keynote speeches and workshops in several occasions to influential organisations in Hong Kong. This laid the foundation of increasing participation of business enterprises to social development and progress. Dr. Tsang is also a member of the Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organisations, as well as a member of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. Through these affiliations, Dr. Tsang consistently gives input to the education industry and to social affairs. He sets an example for young leaders to work tirelessly towards the betterment and prosperity of both China and Hong Kong.


Publication and Conference Proceedings 


Tsang, E., 2011. Strategic Development of e-Commerce Firm in Lifestyle Merchandise. PhD. Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.


Liu, E.P.S. and Tsang, E.K.F., 2015. A Study on e-Service Quality of Consumer Electronics Retail Business. In: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics – China 2015. Shenzhen, China, 9-11 April 2015. Shenzhen: IEEE. 


Liu, E.P.S. and Tsang, E.K.F., 2015. Consumer Electronics Retail Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Development. In: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics – China 2015. Shenzhen, China, 9-11 April 2015. Shenzhen: IEEE.  


Tsang, E., 1996. Customer Loyalty Management: Application of Football Field Strategy in Hong Kong. In: KONE, KONE Elevators Annual Conference 1996. Antwerp, Belgium, 11-13 August 1996. Antwerp: KONE Elevators.